5 reasons, why you should have Dynamic Data Reporting Solution: datavisualization.

1. Absorb information in new and more constructive ways
In a research at a medical University in USA has determined that the human retina can transmit data at roughly 10 million bits per second – almost at the same rate as an Ethernet connection. But the most business intelligence reports that are compiled for senior management are typically populated with static tables/ data and charts that fail to make information vivid for those who view it.

2. Visualize relationships and patterns between operational and business activities
One of the key benefits of data visualization is how it enables users to more effectively see connections as they are occurring between operating conditions and business performance. In today’s highly competitive business environment, finding these correlations among the data has never been more important.

3. Identify and act on emerging trends faster
The volume of data that companies are able to gather about customers and market conditions can provide business leaders with insights into new revenue and business opportunities, presuming they can spot the opportunities in the mountain of data. Using data visualization, decision makers are able to grasp shifts in customer behaviors and market conditions across multiple data sets much more quickly.

4. Manipulate and interact directly with data
One of the greatest strengths of data visualization is how it brings actionable insights to the surface. Unlike one-dimensional tables and charts that can only be viewed, data visualization tools enable users to interact with data.

5. Foster a new business language
Another advantage of using data visualization is its ability to tell a story through data.