QA Services

Ensure Your Quality with Expertise

Arsenaltech provides extensive Quality Engineering and Automated Testing Services for seamless Quality in your project. This would include processes for continuous fine tuning of testing/automation efforts.

Strategy Services:

  • Agile Test Strategy
  • Quality Engineering Best Practices
  • Maturity Assessment
  • QA Solutions and Testing Tools Strategy

Quality Assurance

Functional Testing (Web/Mobile/Cloud):

  • Understand and confirm project scope and objectives.
  • Thoroughly understand product functionality and technologies.
  • Work with client teams to formulate test strategy, test plans and test cases to ensure optimum test coverage.
  • Perform Functionality Tests, Negative Tests, Boundary Tests, Ad-hoc Testing
  • Use automated testing tools for Regression Tests.
  • Performing Root Cause Analysis for Optimal Solution
  • Defect Tracking and Resolution.
  • Retrospective Analysis of test results and improvements.

Compatibility Testing

  • Understand and clarify objectives for compatibility and interoperability.
  • Define and verify compatibility matrix with Hardware, Network, Database, OS and Browser configurations.
  • Define Test Strategy, plans and cases especially for different operating environment and web browser combinations.

Performance and Stress Testing

  • Understand performance goals, SLAs and designed limits.
  • Understand environment and external interactions of the application.
  • Define Performance Testing Scenarios, Test Plans and Test Cases.
  • Automate performance test scenarios using Tools.

Regression Testing

  • Work with client to specify criteria to select test scenarios for Regression Test.
  • Select from Automated tool or Manual testing depending on client requirements.
  • Perform impact analysis for changes to application.
  • Perform Sanity and ad-hoc testing.

Automated Testing

  • QTP – Functional Testing
  • Selenium Webdriver – Functional Web Application Testing
  • Jmeter – Performance Engineering & Monitoring

Security Testing

Identify vulnerabilities

  • URL / Query Strings
  • Input Fields / Hidden Fields / View State / Cookies

Exercise Potential Attacks

  • SQL Injection
  • Directory Traversal
  • Cross-site Scripting
  • Bypass Client Side Validation
  • Buffer Overrun
  • Null/Empty String attacks

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